Life Coaching

I am a Holistic/Spiritual Coach. In the first session I will find the root of your problems, events and emotions effecting your life. Then I will guide you how to access your full potential and make transformational changes. I will be your partner who is committed to develop and implement your goals.

Call 425-417-2066 for more information about Life Coaching sessions in person or over the phone/Skype.

Over 10 years ago, I was going through life in an unconscious way, on auto-pilot. I was reacting to events rather than having a conscious direction. Life was guiding me to raise my level of consciousness. For many years, I was running alternative medicine clinic. Then I integrated everything that I learned in alternative medicine in my life coaching practice, to help people improve all areas of their life.

I helped hundreds of clients to restore health, improve relationships, and achieve financial success. Most of the people who attend three or more of my private sessions experience improvement in health and other areas of their life. Now you can benefit from my experience and knowledge. I will be delighted to guide you on your journey and support you in awakening your own inner resources for self-healing and personal growth.

I have unique methods to help you achieve your goals. Usually, during the first session, I find the root of the problem. I like to see my clients get quick results, and come back with new goals.