Reiki Dome offers the most powerful natural healing therapies to improve health. Reiki & Qigong techniques deal with the energy balancing in our body. Practices of these techniques are performed in the presence of practitioners trained with the working and directing of the energy.

The purpose of Reiki and Qigong is to increase the qi energy. If one’s qi energy is low, they’re likely to develop stress and illness, and if it is high they are more likely to be exuberant and healthy.

Neither of these techniques is superior over the other. In fact, if used correctly, they’re complementary. Reiki is excellent as a meditation and relaxing technique while Qigong focuses more along the lines of exercise, loosening muscles and building power.

Senior citizen (age 62+) and student discounts available. Some financial assistance available for those who qualify. For more information about our services contact Reiki Dome at 425-417-2066.



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Improve Eyesight 1 HR PRIVATE SESSION


Preserve and Improve Your Eyesight with Reiki, Qigong, and Bates Method


Improve Eyesight Package 3-Pack (1 HR PRIVATE SESSIONS)


Preserve and Improve Your Eyesight with Reiki, Qigong and Bates Method

Easy Qigong 3-Pack (1 HR PRIVATE SESSIONS)


Improve your health and wake up your innate ability to heal


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