Reiki Classes

Join Reiki Dome for transformational experience in Reiki classes and workshops. Class size is limited to 4 students to ensure personalized, one-on-one instruction and guidance – so always RSVP early. You may pay by cash, check and credit card. Senior citizen and student discounts are available. Some financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

Reiki-I-Class Reiki Level I Training – Shoden

Reiki Level I is an introduction to the basic principles of traditional Usui Reiki. The skills learned are designed to promote balance and wellness for yourself and others on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. You learn what Reiki is, how Reiki heals, the history of Reiki, receive Reiki attunements, plus a manual and your Reiki Level I certificate. The experiential format of the class provides you with opportunities for learning how to practice Reiki on yourself, other people, animals and in nature.  Techniques taught help you develop your hand-sensing abilities to locate areas in the body that need Reiki, increase your own energy level, and cleanse yourself of unwanted energy, thoughts and emotions. Once attuned, you have this ability for a lifetime to help yourself and loved ones to relieve stress and pain, increase mental clarity, maintain healthy immune system functioning and heal from illness. You receive a Level I manual and your Reiki Level I Certificate.  Class fee: $160 $140 (11 AM – 4 PM) SCHEDULE Next Training is on November 19th at 11 AM

Our small class groups (up to 3 people) give us more time to spend with each student. You will learn 2 Reiki symbols in Reiki I Class while most other schools teach those symbols in Reiki II Class. Our students build strong foundation for energy work with introduction of Easy Qigong. Also, we provide free phone consultations to our students after the Reiki I Class.
Reiki Level II Training – Okuden

Reiki Level II training enhances your knowledge and the use of Reiki.  You receive an attunement that raises your energetic vibration to a higher level to become an increasingly clear channel for universal life energy to flow through you. The class introduces a Reiki symbol that allows you to strengthen your healing ability and apply Reiki in new ways.  You develop perception abilities for sensing and working with Byosen, the energy frequency emitted by imbalances in tense, injured or ill areas of the body. In addition, you learn how to offer Reiki to others at a distance for healing of their physical bodies and/or for manifesting highest good outcomes for challenging situations in their lives. For yourself, distance Reiki allows you to work on your own situations in present time or go back in time to heal traumatic situations from your past. Distance Reiki also becomes a wonderful energetic tool for the future, allowing you to co-create with the Universe to manifest what you want for your life.  Information is also provided for developing a Reiki healing practice and the ethics maintained by the practitioner. You receive a Level II manual and your Reiki Level II Certificate.  Class fee: $250 $220.00 (11 PM – 4 PM) SCHEDULE Next Training is on November 5th at 11 AM

Our students will get real time experience practicing distance healing and receiving healing energy.

Reiki-III-Class Reiki Level III Training – Reiki Master

Reiki Level III is advanced Reiki practitioner Training.  This training is for people who wish to advance their Reiki experience to the new level and to enhance their Reiki practice and spiritual development. This level of training includes an attunement which significantly increases the flow of healing Reiki energy. You will learn new healing symbols for use with clients, meditation and self healing practice. You receive a Level III manual and your Reiki Master Certificate. Class fee: $399 $350.00 (12 PM TO 5 PM) SCHEDULE Next Training is on November 26th at 11:00 AM



The Secrets of the Chakras  – Advanced Workshop

With this wisdom you can transform your life, and have a healthier and happier future. Healthy chakras keep energy moving, therefore keeping you healthy. In this practical workshop you will learn effective methods to charge your chakras and heal organs with universal energy. Also, you will learn how to discharge negative energy through the chakra system and clear energy blocks. Learn ancient techniques for awakening and gain access to higher planes and psychic abilities. Class fee: $100.00 (11 AM TO 2 PM) Recommended: Completion of Reiki I Class SCHEDULE Next Training is on November 12th at 11 AM

The-Secrets-of-Chakras The Secrets of the Chakras (Part II) – Advanced Workshop

In this practical workshop you will discover how to activate your heating mechanism that can warm your body freely and easily. Unfortunately, most people have lost this ability because we invented fire and clothing and have been using them for thousands of years. In order to restore this long lost function, we have to re-learn how to turn this heater on. This energy can be used for healing and can be transferred to warm up your hands and legs even in a cold environment without any other means of heating. You now have the opportunity to restore this long lost ancient technique. Uncover the natural ability within you to heal and freely warm your body anytime, anywhere! Class fee: $100.00 (11 AM TO 2 PM) Recommended: Completion of Reiki I Class SCHEDULE 

Heailng-with-Angels Healing with Angels – Advanced Workshop

In this enlightening workshop you will learn how to connect with your guides and angels. You will practice connecting with Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel to receive their healing, guidance, and messages. Class fee: $80.00 (2 PM TO 4 PM) Recommended: Completion of Reiki I Class SCHEDULE




 Easy Qigong ClassEasy Qigong – 1st Level

There are multiple benefits of qigong. It helps to increase calmness, awareness, and balance. It boosts the immune system and aids the exchange of gases in the lungs as well as helps to improve the digestive system. Class fee: $80.00 (7 PM TO 9 PM) SCHEDULE Next Training is on December 24th at 7 PM



Please contact Reiki Dome at 425-417-2066 for more information about our workshops.